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Just like all things intended for a good purpose, someone or something-in this case many things had to ruin the Experience Project. At first glance the site seems to be a place where people can meet and offer each other support through their experiences no matter what path in life they have taken.

But most people who join this site are not happy. There are a lot of depressing, and even disturbing stories. The wrong kind of people have access to this site-these people shouldn't even have had access to the internet in the first place. EP has become a breeding ground for predators, psychopaths, attention mongers, trolls, and people who are just downright hurtful.

Because of these things, a lot of long time users of the site have left for good, including myself.

Another problem is the format. I understand that a website must be restored to keep it up to date and appealing to newer users, but the changes happen too often and it becomes confusing. The site keeps getting less and less user friendly. Even more upsetting is that the moderaters ignore all the complaints they get and they don't take any advice on how to improve the site...

and about these moderators:they can't seem to keep the place clean. People can't be overly explicit on question and answer or on stories, but there are ways to get past the guidelines and there are so many inappropriate topics on there it's sickening. (I hope the book full of stories they published-without anyone's consent didn't happen to have anything from the "Mature Experiences".


I could see in the beginning that this was supposed to be a way to reach out to others and make a difference-the site, after all it started out as "This is MS"-a site for support for Multiple Sclerosis. But over the years, it has taken a turn for the worst.

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How many reviews can one person write complaining about psychopaths and trolls? If you don't like EP, just stop going there. It's not that hard to figure out.


I couldn't agree more. The site is full of very disturbing individuals, including pedophiles.

I finally had enough and deleted my account.

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