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I was a member of Ep and whenever I tried to vent the bullies and narcissists would attack me right away with their hurtful comments. I thought it was a place to find support not to be critized by strangers that assume you're just a person that randomly likes to whine about life. My stories were ignored because people were too busy reading the perverted stories posted by attention seekers trying to look attractive. People pretended to be friends... Read more

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The Experience project was the most vile, filthy, disgusting site. It is closed now and thankfully Armin and his minions can't subject any more minors to the ***, filth and hate that site allowed. I can't believe they were allowed to operate for so long considering there are regulations about letting minors on a site that allows fetishes, nudity and child molesters. How can any site let children join when there are known sexual predators on... Read more

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yes i understand what your saying i also had some problems on the site but thats not the only thing here i wanted to say, we;; i noticed that there is another tep site on the web and click on it anx it say that the government had given them 4.8 mil to do research and studies with theses stories its about transformation what a humen goes threw in certain actions what there res ponce is and so on, its socialmedia psychology and so on, i told a few... Read more

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I have found the site very satisfying to make online friends. It is very free in expression and at times it feels like the Wild West but that is what I like. The original purpose of the site is for a discussion forum and support for those in need. Since you are interacting with real people you will get all types. I consider this my virtual home

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The whole site is ironic overall in its use of being a support site for all who need it. If you need legit help and go on the site for some support, forget it. Don't even try to to make an account there. If you post a story about you're troubles, there is a 100% chance that someone on the site will call you narcissistic or selfish or just plain obscenities. Yet the real narcissists and selfish people are idolized and put on a pedestal for some... Read more

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I was seeking to interact and make the website a happy place for all to enjoy, while enjoy a drink. EP saw this as a negative and censored m by suspending my account. I am a lonely person and I found EP to be the place I could go to interact with people online and stay some what balanced in my personal life. Apparently being yourself is not what the website stands for. I very depressed now in a slightly drunken state. when i come out of it, I... Read more

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I have had an account for about 5 years. It is now suspended with an automated program that rejected a posting that simply announced that I intended to change my user name, and explained why I was doing so, because I had used that name as a pseudonym when I had a newspaper column and I thought it would be better if I used a screen name that more closely reflected my personality. Here is what the email to me said: Your Experience Project... Read more

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My minor child was engaged by more than one male on this site in inappropriate communication. I have tried twice to delete her account but it is still there. I have tried multiple times to block undesirables. They seem to still be there also, and the site does not permit them to be blocked permanently. I have attempted to reach the site administrators repeatedly, but they do not respond. interestingly they have no telephone number, not even... Read more

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Experience project is completely disgusting. Members are either attention seeking ***; outrageous male perverts; crazy religious/non-religious zealots or shallow narcissists. 90% of the stories are made up, outright lies, erotic tales or not even stories at all. The real good stories don't get read. There are a very few genuine good people they are heavily ostracised in the community. If you are a female it is a guarantee (yes a guarantee) you... Read more

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This has got to be one the blandest communities I've ever met. Most users there have no sense of humor and the same boring questions are repeated ad infinitum. How many times can you ask why you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend?! EP has some the strangest censorship imaginable. For the longest time "wife" wasn't allowed to be put in a question title. Don't try to put "wet" in a question either. You'll periodically find your questions being... Read more

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